Self-Service Solution

A system to simplify do-it-yourself.

Our automated system gives you the tools you need to succeed with your vendor management tasks, making it easy to organize, assess risk for, track, and monitor your third-party agreements. It also provides a system for critical document retrieval.

Here's How We Help:
  • Simplify storage and retrieval of contracts, risk assessments, and due diligence data
  • Provide standard risk assessment and due diligence templates based on NCUA website
  • Help you avoid a lapse in service or a commitment to a service that may not be needed
  • Eliminate automatic renewals which can lead to increased pricing
Benefits of Our Services:
  • Web-Accessed Comprehensive Contract Database
  • Custom Management Reports with Dashboard Management Tools
  • Customizable Risk Assessment and Due Diligence Templates
  • Automated Triggers/Notifications for complete contract lifecycle management
  • Automated Risk Scoring based on the complexity and exposure of each relationship
  • Comprehensive User Guides and Ongoing Support Services

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