Full-Service Solution

A simple solution for a complicated task.

CUVM is all about making your life easier with a dependable and cost-effective way to manage vendor and regulatory due diligence. To put it simply, we take the burden off you, so you don’t have to worry!

Here’s How We Help:
  • Streamline the vendor management process
  • Save you time and money and lower operational expenses
  • Centralize storage and retrieval of contracts and due diligence
  • Offer personalized service with dedicated analyst and support staff
  • Ensure all contracts are compliance-friendly
  • Meet NCUA requirements
Benefits of Our Service:
  • Free Sample Board Policy helps you conform to NCUA guidelines.
  • New Vendor Kit assists you in choosing a new vendor
  • Fully Compliant Risk Assessment Assistance helps you establish consistent rankings for your vendors.
  • Limited Reviews are provided for specific vendors that address the levels of risk outlined by the NCUA.
  • Vendor Document Library provides one spot to upload and store all vendor documents to be kept secure and accessible at any time.
  • Archived Documents keep a running history of all contracts and other documents in our system.
  • Permission-based Access to the CUVM Contract Management System allows different permission levels for each client user.
  • Disaster Recovery Tool provided, keeping all contracts, vendor documents, and history of vendor relationships organized and easily accessible to you with Internet access.
Software Features:
    phone image
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Available 24/7
  • Unlimited credit union contracts
  • Automated emails and notifications
  • Risk rating system
  • Contract and document storage
  • Guest access for examiners
  • Personalized Report Suite
  • OFAC reports

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