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Satisfied Clients Speak

“For smaller credit unions with limited staff, the CUVM saves us significant time in managing vendor relationships by assembling/tracking the necessary information for monitoring the health of our many vendors. The software is easy to use and the CUVM staff are outstanding.”
TMH Federal Credit Union ($56M – Florida)

“I am so glad we choose CUVM to manage our vendors back in 2016. Their system is straightforward, easy to use, designed by credit unions for credit unions. Preparing for a recent regulatory exam, I had Korie right with me providing support. The personalized service was awesome and greatly appreciated!”
Gretchen Lunsford
FirstCoast Community Credit Union ($111M – Florida)

“CUVM has been an excellent partner and invaluable resource with managing our contracts and due diligence requirements. It frees me up to manage other critical tasks, yet I know their follow up is keeping me in compliance.”
Eddie Hamp, CCUE, CUCE
Vice President of Operations & Marketing
Florida West Coast Credit Union ($94M – Florida)

“We could not perform [our vendor management due diligence requirement] without CUVM Services. We have utilized their expertise in this field for six years, and as our credit union continues to grow, the necessity to maintain this relationship only increases. Our Vendor Management exams have gone very well since we enlisted CUVM Services. The NCUA is very familiar with the company and holds their work in high regard.”
Alan W. Slagowski
Vice President Branching/Compliance
Hercules First Federal Credit Union ($57M – Utah)

“I appreciate that CUVM is working behind the scenes to gather necessary vendor documentation from our vendors. The CUVM staff are very helpful in answering any questions I have and assisting me with navigation of the CUVM platform. I now have a renewed outlook on my CU’s vendor management program.”
Linda Wilson, CUCE, BSACS
Compliance Specialist
CGR Credit Union ($86M – Georgia)

“I had another vendor management company call me the other day and want to set up an appointment to look at their program. I politely said, ‘No thanks, I'm pretty sure that your company won't give me the one-on-one that I currently get and have gotten all the years I've been with CUVM’ …He replied, ‘I've heard a lot about CUVM and we would sure try’ …I replied, ‘If it's not broke, don't fix it. Why would I want to even chance you guys trying to do for me what they do?’”
Tammy Phillips
Varex Federal Credit Union ($13M – Utah)

“Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union has been utilizing Credit Union Vendor Management (CUVM) since 2010, and we are extremely happy with the service provided by CUVM. CUVM provides a portal where all due diligence documentation is kept for each vendor and works with our vendors to acquire the necessary documentation. CUVM notifies us when there is an issue in acquiring documentation from our vendors. The portal is very intuitive; and if there is an issue, the CUVM staff is very willing to assist. The biggest kudo I can give to CUVM is that we have never been cited by the NCUA for being deficient in vendor management. I wholeheartedly endorse CUVM for vendor management services.”
Bruce M. Rosen
Executive Vice President
Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union ($154M – Hawaii)

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