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CUVM is proud to partner with companies we believe will provide valuable service and substantial savings to our clients. Discover the benefit our preferred providers can offer you!

John M. Floyd and Associates
Boost Your Bottom Line Through Lower Contract Costs

Financial institutions today are discovering it’s possible to grow their bottom line without slashing budgets, increasing fees or reducing services. Sometimes big savings can be found through simple solutions, like negotiating your service contracts with an expert by your side. With JMFA Contract Optimizer, you have nothing to lose but high contract costs. Plus, they can help you achieve significant gains such as:

  • Lower rates
  • Singing bonuses
  • Better terms
  • Retroactive savings
  • Extra perks
  • And more!

Discover Your Potential Savings
JMFA starts by analyzing the terms and costs of your current contracts, line item by line item, to look for savings and enhanced service opportunities. Then, they’ll negotiate on your behalf, using their insider market intelligence to get you the best deal on pricing, terms, and services. They do it every day for busy financial institutions just like yours, with a 98% success rate in reducing clients’ contract expenses and improving their bottom line. In many cases, your savings are immediate, thanks to retroactive cost reductions – not to mention the time you’ll gain by outsourcing this labor-intensive task to their experts.

No Cost to You
There’s no cost to explore the possibilities – their contract analysis is free. On top of that, JMFA Contract Optimizer offers contingency-based pricing. They only get paid if they help save you money!

Benefits of JMFA Contract Optimizer

  • Improved bottom line
  • Industry experts in your corner
  • A free, thorough analysis
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Better service from existing vendors
  • Time savings
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Results you can measure. Expertise you can count on.

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